Video Marketing…Get On The Digital Marketing Wave!

Using video marketing to promote or explain a product or service is not news worthy in this day and age. Everyone knows the stats that go with this media. Youtube alone has more than 4 billion views per day!

92% of B2B customers watch online videos every single day and state that video usually closes the deal for them. It is a quick way to convey a great deal of information, emotion, historical facts, statistics, etc…

Here are the most important things to know about creating a great product or service video for your business. Follow these and you’ll be well on your way to converting the prospects into buying customers!

Video Marketing – Planning Stage

In the planning stage, you begin to develop the overall idea behind your marketing video. You will gather all the elements you need such as the product or service feature’s list, images, logos, etc… You’ll begin to formulate a business objective and determine who the target audience will be. You can also decide if your video will be live or an animation. Explainer Animation videos are the trend right now as they present the information in a way that the receiver can easily capture and retain quickly.

  • Articulate Your Business Objective.
  • Always start with your business goals.

Determine the target audience and setting. Clarify who this marketing video is targeting. Use a persona if you have one. And for context, decide which setting they should be in: office, home, etc…

By now, you should have developed your buyer personas and created a few that will be used as a target audience for this video. You should know who you are targeting with this video and what the message will be and how you will deliver that message.

Choose a lead character. If you do not have a persona yet, give your target audience a name and identity. In other words, put a name and face on your target buyer.

For instance: Aaron is a 45 year old man who owns a small business in Toronto.

Video Marketing – Writing Stage


Introduce the main character and state their goal. Their highest personal goal and dreams in life. Make sure it feels authentic and maps to your solution’s capabilities.

​Choose a main character that you will use throughout your marketing video. Sort of a mascot for your product or service. This is the fluffy part of the video. You’re introducing your main character. the one you will refer to throughout the entire 2 minutes so present him well so that your target audience can easily identify with him.

Put something in their way. Describe something that stands in the way of your character achieving his/her goal. Use chaotic settings and facial expressions to convey their frustration.

Bring out the pain points you’ve collected through your exercise while you were developing your buyer personas. You can bring out as many as you would like but remember that you will need to match all the pain points you bring up to all the features that address those pain points in your product or service.

Introduce the supporting cast. Your main character may need a few cohorts to drive home the message, so make sure they are involved in the story line to make everything feel more real.

Introduce the Solution. This is where you describe your product benefits and features in great detail. Every point should answer one of your persona’s challenges. Keep it simple.

Show the Results: Show a scene that is opposite the previous chaos you brought in when you explained the challenges. Replace it with a peaceful and happy environment.

Show the Main Character’s Personal Impact: This is where you drive the message home. Think about the things that really matter to people at work or at home.

For ex: Your character getting a promotion or a new client or completing a big project. Whatever your product’s signature benefit is…this should be mentioned at this moment.

Encourage your audience to learn more. A call to action that connects to your audience with the main character’s successful narrative arc is much better than saying something like “Call Now”.

For instance: “So, if you want to be like Aaron and help your company be more organized and efficient, get everyone on board with Explainer Videos!” (your product name…whatever this may be)

At the end of the day, Video Marketing is definitely where the future is headed and where your prospects live. If you don’t get on-board, your business will be left behind. So, catch the video marketing wave and let it carry your business in front of a captive audience filled with potential customers!

Klaude has 20 years of experience in Media development and Digital Marketing. For the last 5 years, she has transitioned her passion towards the online digital marketing platform. A firm believer that Inbound Marketing offers unlimited opportunities to everyone so they can better promote their business online.