Your Online Presence IS Your Only Presence!

I’m amazed, even in this day and age, to still be meeting business owners who are resistant to admit to themselves that not having an online presence, hence a website and social profiles, is the same as not having a business presence at all.

I still come across the “die hards” that believe that brick and mortar are the true essence of being in business. I no longer waste my breath at trying to convince them that they are going to be left behind, and that their competitors are at their customer’s doorsteps as we speak stealing them away with a brilliant and convincing online presence.

It isn’t that complicated to understand. Just look at your own behavior when you are looking to buy a product or searching for a service provider. What do you do?? First, like me, you get your smart phone while watching your favorite show (yes, we are plagued with multi-tasking, even when we think we are relaxing) and Google (yes, that has become a verb!) the product or service you are looking for. That is the first step, availability of what you are searching for.

The second thing we do is “Google” (yes, here’s that verb again) the company that is offering the product or service we want. Why? Because we want to make sure they exist. WE look at their website for certain elements that will convey trust, longevity, credibility, agility, experience, and knowledge.

Now what is the last thing we usually end up doing???? Which in my mind is the most important one and the one I feel closes the deal for us almost every single time…the reviews!

We “Google” the company’s online reviews. That is your new “virtual closer”! The reviews is what gives the company its “online street cred” and it’s what makes the user buy.

What people say about your business, your products and your services online can either make you or brake you.

That’s why I tell my clients to take their time when building their online presence. Much goes into the planning of it all. What are your goals? Retain existing customers? Grow brand recognition? Drive new traffic to your website? Convert prospects into clients? Whatever the goal is, you must match your roadmap to the end goal and that takes time, patience, creativity and dedication.

Your online presence IS your ONLY presence in the market place of today’s business world. Make sure its exactly what you want it to be!

Klaude has 20 years of experience in Media development and Digital Marketing. For the last 5 years, she has transitioned her passion towards the online digital marketing platform. A firm believer that Inbound Marketing offers unlimited opportunities to everyone so they can better promote their business online.